Hunting Terms and Conditions

We will do everything reasonable in our power to help you have a great time on your hunting trip, but we do have some rules. Some are general safety rules and other rules are for the protection of our personnel and equipment. Our hunting trips all operate under our complete Terms and Conditions. The following is a review of that agreement.

    • A donation of $50 is required to confirm this agreement and must be received no later than 5 days after your selection to attend the trip. All donations must be paid through  the website.   If the donation is not received by the due date, the hunting trip may be automatically canceled without notice. If the selected applicants do not appear on the above date and time or do not cancel the hunting trip by phone, email, or reschedule by phone at least 7 days before the departure date, they will not be eligible for a GEO event for one year from that date.
    • The hunting trip operates under the authority of GEO or its delegated guide service. GEO or its delegated guide service has the authority to terminate the hunting trip in the event of unacceptable conduct by the hunting party or due to inclement weather.
    • The hunting party is limited to a maximum of 8 hunters unless described otherwise in the event description.
    • Detection of usage or possession of narcotics, marijuana or the possession of firearms by any attendees will result in the termination of the trip and forfeiture of all money paid.
    • GEO shall not be held liable for any injury or fatality caused by either direct or indirect action of attendees.
    • A trip terminated by GEO due to the bad weather, once hunting has commenced, will not be entitled to a refund if the hunting party agrees to begin the hunting trip. If we must cancel a trip due to inclement weather, we may reschedule the trip for the first available date acceptable to both you and us, provided a reasonable amount of hunting time has not been completed.
    • A trip terminated due to a member(s) of the hunting party getting sick will not be entitled to a refund or credit. We reserve the right to make whatever changes in the trip that circumstances dictate, including substitutions of hunting conditions, and cancellations due to weather, mechanical failure, acts of God, etc.
    • If you do not show up at the place designated on the day of your hunting trip, you will forfeit your deposit.
    • The hunting trip agreement includes all necessary equipment to complete a successful hunt.  Firearms will provided to all blind/visually impaired hunters and will be provided on an as-needed basis (based on pre-reservation) to other hunters.
    • Misuse of equipment is prohibited and is grounds for canceling the hunting trip without a refund.
    • Glass bottles or other glass items are not allowed in camp.
    • All trash, garbage, or other materials are to be thrown in appropriate waste bins and disposal locations.
    • GEO will contact you before your trip to discuss recent harvests and trail camera photographs.
    • Children aged 17 and under must be accompanied by a chaperone.
    • Event registration will end as described in the event details (typically 45-60 days prior to the event dates) unless otherwise posted.
    • Guiding Eyes Outdoors, Inc. is not responsible for any computer or internet issues when trying to register for the event. Incomplete entries will not be considered.
    • Selected participants may not transfer this to anyone else. No substitutes of any kind.
    • There is no guarantee the hunt will be successful.
    • Selected participants will be notified a minimum of 30 days prior to the event.
    • Travel to and from the hunt is the responsibility of those selected. Pickup at the nearest airport will be provided for out-of-state participants.
    • Selected individuals must have a valid North Carolina hunting license at the time of registration.
    • Once on location, all food and drinks will be provided. We recommend you bring your choice of snacks and drinks for during the hunting outing.
    • Your hunts each day will be filmed and photographed for social media and YouTube.
    • Your hunt will be guided by a mentor or hunt club member. We are not professional guides.
    • Lodging is provided.
    • Scent elimination products will be provided if supplies allow.
    • Prizes will be given following the event, if supplies allow.
    • Participants agree to allow Guiding Eyes Outdoors, Inc. and any sponsors to use their likeness in marketing online and printed media.
    • Participants agree to be photographed and videoed for promotional purposes only by Guiding Eyes Outdoors, Inc.
    • Participants acknowledge the risks of outdoor activities and attends events with the understanding that fields conditions can and will vary. Activities during a hunt may include but are not limited to extensive walking on slippery/unstable/and varying terrain types, climbing, running, sitting for long periods, variations in temperature and weather conditions.
    • Guiding Eyes Outdoors, Inc. will make every effort to accommodate varying disabilities or injuries to the extent possible given property, activity, and weather conditions. Participants are responsible for providing accurate health information to Guiding Eyes Outdoors, Inc. before being selected for attendance.
    • Accommodations will be made to the extent practicable, should the participant provide inaccurate health information or conditions are deemed inadequate for a participant’s abilities

We desire to provide a pleasant hunting experience. GEO will do anything within reason to make sure that all attendees have fun. If you have questions, please feel free to ask. We abide by all State and Federal hunting regulations. Please do not ask us to break the law.

Trip Duration: Trip duration is described in the event description and registration forms on the GEO website.

A Single Day Hunting Trip Includes:

    • Transportation – Will be provided once the attendees have arrived at the meeting location either specified in the event description or provided by GEO personnel at a later date but before the event.
    • Hunting Gear – We will provide ground blinds, bog shooting chairs, bog tripods, crossbows, rifles and shotguns to make your trip successful.

A 2 to 3 Day Hunting Trip Includes:

    • Transportation – Will be provided once the attendees have arrived at the meeting location either specified in the event description or provided by GEO personnel at a later date but before the event.
    • Hunting Gear – We will provide ground blinds, bog shooting chairs, bog tripods, crossbows, rifles and shotguns to make your trip successful.
    • Food – Water and soft drinks (Coke/Pepsi, Sprite, & Ginger Ale) and 3 meals per day will be provided for overnight trips ONLY.  Any other drink or snack food is the responsibility of the attendee.
    • Camping Gear – We provide a 10x12 Wall Tent with cots 3 sets of Disc-o-Bed bunk cot systems that sleep 6 people, a wood stove, propane heaters, portable air conditioning.  Additional sleeping areas can be made by utilizing our 8x12 cook shack that attaches to the front of the wall tent.  This allows sleeping for 4-6 more attendees on single cots.
    • Cooking Gear – We provide all necessary cooking and dining gear including propane camp stoves, propane deep fryers, packable camp stoves, pots/pans, plates, cups, forks, spoons, and knives.

But you need to provide:

    • Transportation– You must provide your transportation to the specified meeting location in the event description.
    • Hunting licenses—Hunting licenses are required by state law and are the responsibility of the attendee(s). Some events may be eligible for exemptions from state license requirements, if so, this will be clear on the event sign-up form.
    • Sunglasses, raingear, sunscreen, and dark colored or camouflage clothing – are necessary. Ground blind hunting is best conducted with dark colored or black clothing to blend in with the back ground of the blind.
    • Sleeping and personal items – Sleeping bags, toiletries, medicine, towels & wash cloths, and any other normal daily items.

Selection Process:

Step 1: Applicants apply for the event through the GEO event website. Applications for double the amount of open spots will be accepted.

Step 2: Applications will be reviewed and initially screened by the GEO Selection Committee.

Step 3: Applicants will be contacted and provided with a date, time, and meeting link to a virtual pre-event meeting with all potential attendees and GEO staff and volunteers. This meeting will discuss the needs and requirements of selected attendees, staff, and volunteers as well as necessary items and safety rules.

Step 4: The GEO Selection Committee will complete a final review and notify all accepted applicants within 72 hours of their selection.  GEO will notify the remaining applicants that they have been waitlisted or determined ineligible for the event.

Step 5: Accepted applicants have 5 days to provide a minimum $50 donation through the GEO website.

Step 6: Accepted applicants will final correspondence stating their formal approval to attend the event and will receive event meeting location.